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We Understand!

Sluder Properties Rental Management knows the last thing a property owners wants is the headaches of being a landlord. That is why we handle the details of property management smoothly and efficiently. We also value relationships with quality service providers who will understand your property’s needs. You will have the option to allow our service providers to perform any necessary repairs or we can use your own service provider.

Minimize Vacancy

It is the owners responsibility to get a home rent ready and some owners are unable to perform the work so we can arrange one of our service providers to prepare the property for market as quickly as possible to minimize your vacancy. Pricing will vary depending on the service needed. Sluder Properties Rental Management will operate as a contractor to coordinate repairs, inspect the work completed and pay the venders from the owners funds. A Security Deposit is collected from all residents for your protection. Your deposits are held in an insured trust account in accordance with state regulations. In the unfortunate circumstance of a broken lease, Sluder Properties Rental Management will be there to ensure the resident is held responsible for their legal obligation and to minimize your exposure during the lease transition. Sluder Properties Rental Management tracks the monthly income and expense on your investment property. Your property statement is available for you at any time. We will provide you with a year end tax statement for your tax returns.

We Can Reduce The Risk

We work hard to ensure resident retention is the highest level possible for market conditions. We hope that a good resident will stay in your property for a long time. When the time comes for the resident to vacate, Sluder Properties Rental Management will carefully survey the property upon move-out, administer final rent and Security Deposit according to state regulations. Eviction is never a desired process but state laws protect you as a landlord from non-paying residents. We provide a comprehensive system that reduces your risk as a landlord. However, if the need arises and eviction becomes necessary we will follow state laws to ensure a rapid resolution at minimum costs.


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